I'm back...

It has been a while since I have blogged...between family colds, stomach flus and household chores I have not really had time to create anything let alone blog about it!

The hot weather has finally hit Northern VA so running around outside is out of the question, which now gives me time to return to my studio!!!

I have two new items for my Etsy shop (Red Riding hood + Boo Puss).

Red Riding is entirely hand painted and inspired by one of my original illustrations. Measurements: 9" X 10 1/4". This "Cheater's Quilt technique was inspired by two of my favorite artists Dylan & Jo at The Cart before the Horse.

My "Boo Puss" is one of my first created patterns for Halloween. He measures 13" from the tip of his toes to the top of his ears!!!

The candy corn on his chest are glass beads...

I've also been working on a Marie-Antoinette collage...I'm still trying to figure out what more I want and need to add to it... more is less???? Less...is more????
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