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Hommage to Colleen of Loopy Boopy!

I painted these two as an hommage to one of my favorite doll artist! I understood when she had kindly emailed me to ask me not to put them up for Sale...and she was soooo right. I have them hanging up on my studio wall...hey...with her doll I won I will be able to make a Loopy Boopy shrine...LOL!!!

How did I get Sooo LUCKY?

When I got home yesterday from a quick trip to the Salvation Army under a stormy and rainy sky I saw this pretty big box waiting on my door step...

the sender's name was "Colleen"...hun? New Orleans...YEAH!!!

The amazement struck me when I saw the wonderful doll I had won on Loopy Boopy's last giveaway!

I couldn't believe how big she is too. I have her sitting right over me at my computer.

My lovely prize and forever inspiration.

Thanks again Colleen (Loopy Boopy)!

I will cherish her always....
Six years ago today my beautiful daughter was born...amazingly it was Mother's Day! She was adorable at birth and is my pride and joy! She is so spunky and fun...we enjoy being together every single day... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEETHEART!!! "Maman" loves you!...for ever and ever....
YEAH!!! I am the very,very lucky winner of an original Loopy Boopy! I am Soooooooooo very pround! Not only because I love her work, but also 'cause I never win anything...not even at board games (LOL!) Can't wait for Mr. Mailman to gently lay her at my door!!!!...
What a hectic two weeks I just had! It started with a tooth canal...ouch! Once that pain went away my back went out...ouch, again! I finally started feeling better when I had to prepare and set up my daughter's 6th birthday party...of course she wanted a Mad Hatter Tea Party! And being crafty tht's what she got on Saturday.

I did manage to start on my "Under the Sea" art doll. I will only show the face...ain't he cute?...

Now I am working on a commision for an artist friend of mine Sherry Russo. She likes painting on my homemade canvas so she ordered 9 in various sizes. Cut, glue,clamp,nail...and over and over again!
But what has made this two terrible weeks worth it was my Mother's day present. It's not that we have much money, but I got a new car! Yup...that's right! My very own "Silver Bullet"! I almost slept in it the first night, but realized it would much better to sleep with the Hubby who got it for me!!!

New Dragon

Well, it's been a while that I have actually posted anything and I actually feel guilty about it! I just spend so much time reading everyone elses beautiful blogs that I neglect my own.

All my previous Dragons have now found new homes that I just had to make some more...
This one is my recent finished one that will be listed in my shop and I am working on another one as well. I really do enjoy working on them.

My Wip one has a pair of my home made eyes from one of my post blogs.
I really should give out my new found eye making technique to share with everyone.

I have also started my Under the Sea character...sneak peak to come...

Hope eveyone is having a great week-end!