What a hectic two weeks I just had! It started with a tooth canal...ouch! Once that pain went away my back went out...ouch, again! I finally started feeling better when I had to prepare and set up my daughter's 6th birthday party...of course she wanted a Mad Hatter Tea Party! And being crafty tht's what she got on Saturday.

I did manage to start on my "Under the Sea" art doll. I will only show the face...ain't he cute?...

Now I am working on a commision for an artist friend of mine Sherry Russo. She likes painting on my homemade canvas so she ordered 9 in various sizes. Cut, glue,clamp,nail...and over and over again!
But what has made this two terrible weeks worth it was my Mother's day present. It's not that we have much money, but I got a new car! Yup...that's right! My very own "Silver Bullet"! I almost slept in it the first night, but realized it would much better to sleep with the Hubby who got it for me!!!
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