Back to living the French life...

Was it a choice or a necessity? Either way my daughter and I have been back in France living with my mother in the Celtic city of Rennes, France. I feel I can now start blogging my life as a Franco-American woman who suffers from "GAD" general anxiety disorder, has lived an unexpected life and has returned home. But is it really home? We've only been here since June 2016. Time will tell...

Winter Elves

Here are my two Winter Elves I've been working on while I am mentally trying to get my mind out of Halloween and into the Christmas spirit.

I just finished taking a wonderful class online from Pattee of Odd- Dolls who was teaching us her technique on making witch face...
from that my mind wondered off into creating these Elf faces.

I just listed them in my Etsy shop... but I have to make one for myself 'cause I like them so much.

Hope all is going well out there in cretive cyber world!!!



Our Halloween Costume Contest...

was celebrated in our neighborhood last Sunday and my daughter chose her best friend to be a pair!

Not any Romeo & Juliette pair here, but as you see "Mr.Harry Potter & Miss. Hermoine Granger".

I don't know how she does it, but at 6 she has already convinced that nothing is better than the world of Harry Potter...which proves that parents really do influence!

I love this picture I managed to take...look at that magical glow at the tip of their wands...

They won 3rd place but, to me they were definately #1!!!


My VooDoo Doll is Too Big...

Yes, I guess it is too big, bit this little lady seems to have quite a bit of anger in her!

She is one of my witches I have been working on...No not ALL witches wear a pointy hat as you can see...Ha! ha! ha!.

She will soon be on sale in my etsy shop!

Go take a look : ALL my HALLOWEEN themed items are listed with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

Witches Face WIP:

Hi Everyone...It's been a while!

I have been following Pattee's (Odd-Dolls) class on how to make a witches face!

She is a great teacher. I'm learning so much from her talent...not to mention that her explainations are very detailed an so accessible.

I HIGHLY recommend this class to everyone!!!

Thanks Pattee for sharing your talent with us~!