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Rockin' Gal

She's finally done and I am quite proud.
I will be listing her in my Etsy shop today!
Can't wait to see the feedback...if any.


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This little gal is such a cutie!
Such a non-chalante expression...makes you really wonder what she is thinking!

Rockin' Girl

I've been working on it all day...still have a long way to go, but so far i am pretty pleased with the colors.

Etsy :: ArtisticAccents :: Rose Angel Mixed Media on Canvas

Etsy :: ArtisticAccents :: Rose Angel Mixed Media on Canvas
I discovered this wonderful artist the other day while looking through Etsy. I just love her choice of colors and the added texture. All her work has a real soft and comforting feel to it.
Check out her other work!

Rock Girl

Well...I've finally gotten around to drawing a new character.
I have no idea what the color scheme will be...maybe I'll make several of them in different color shades.
My daughter really likes I made copies of it so she can color her!
Stay tuned for the evolution of this Rock Girl!

Photos For La Fourchette | Yelp

La Fourchette
Another great restaurant to stop at! Located in Adams Morgan, Washington,DC.
Great atmosphere in the neighborhood and yummy food.
The owner are also family friends! They are a hoot!
There are not that many authentic French restaurants left in DC, but this one has been there since the '80s!

Very cool mural on running along one entire wall

Eiffel Tower Cafe | | The Washington Post

Eiffel Tower Cafe The Washington Post
yummy restaurant and a beautiful atmosphere in the heart of historical Leesburg.
The owner is a friend of the family.
If you are ever in Leesburg make a stop at the "Eiffel Tower Cafe"!

My Hiding Place In Cyberspace

Yeah!!! I am SOOOO proud to be part of this Charity Quilt and be included with such great artists... My Hiding Place In Cyberspace: "The third square that I have received is from the brilliant Virginian textile artist PixiesInTheHouse . She designed this charming art piece on a background of rich chocolate velvet, appliqued felt, and beautiful dimensional accents with buttons and silk flowers."

Coraline the movie

Coming soon to a movie theater near you...

A Fairytale Nightmare In 3-D! In Theaters February 6th.

(I can't wait! ) One of my favorite characters...I'll be at the Multiplex !
Don't bother to email me that day! You won't get any answers.

Ha! Ha! Ha! ha ha ha...

Check out Sherry's other site...

This is a link to my friend Sherry Russo's other site. Beloved pet portraits is a completely different style that I am sure many Pet lovers out there will mostly enjoy!

My Friend Sherry Russo's Art

When my family moved into our own home a couple of years ago I got this beautiful painting from my husband. I had often gone over to my dear friend's home (Sherry Russo) and had noticed this wonderful and very big painting she had done in homage to Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema. I kept talking about it over and over again that I think my husband just thought that if he bought it from Sherry...well maybe I would get over it. I still haven't! It inspires me every time I see it hanging in my livingroom. I even inspired my wall color from it. She does beautiful work!!! Thanks Sherry for being such an inspiration!

Prints for sale

I've decided to make prints of my work!
Unfortunately I could not let things go...I had to add this one in a frame
and embellish.
Nice little Valentine's Gift...5"x5" print in a 7"x7" frame.
I just love shiny things so after painting the frame GOLD...I just had to add the rhinestones.
Just SO girly!

Rosemary the Valentine Fairy

Just finished her today!

Her friend Dulcina is for salein my shop as well as Rosemary!
Go on...take a look! They are really cute!
And you can take them out of their boxes...
just make sure not to let them fly away!

I've been working my fingers to the bone...hopefully something will come from it!
Even though I LOVE creating things, one must stay lucide and realize that it takes money to make these creations...and that is something I DO NOT have a lot of. Boo-hoo!!!

I don't know what I am doing wrong/or NOT doing right, but not many sales lately. Should I say "NO SALES".

Any tips from fellow starving artists out there?

Posie Gets Cozy: Shop Talk

Posie Gets Cozy: Shop Talk
Found this beautifully composed Blog while searching for something completly different!
It was soooo refreshing for the eye!
A MUST visit blog!

Etsy :: pixiesinthehouse :: Dulcina the Captured Fairy in her Shadow Box

Etsy :: pixiesinthehouse :: Dulcina the Captured Fairy in her Shadow Box
I finished her yesterday evening! She is really quite darling! I have two more shadowboxes I I guess I will be capturing two more Faires!!!

walking through my fantasy

walking through my fantasy
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While looking through Etsy today I stumbled on this!
WOW!!! I have no other words...yet maybe AMAZING!
I call this real talent and imagination. Inspirational...