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Etsy Treasury!!!

My first Treasury on Etsy! I am so excited...though it doesn't take much to make my day! Thanks Kelly (kellyjcallahan) for using one of my creations on this lovely treasury!

Under the Sea Swap

Yeah! My first Art Doll Swap! I can't wait to get mind is full of ideas. This will be a challenge for me since I always add wings to whatever I's the Fairy syndrome. I will try to blog on my progression often! Stay tuned... Click on the picture for details about the swap!


say Ooby & Ooba. My new elf characters I have started making lately. I have been terrible lately...I haven't listed this one in my Etsy shop either. Hopefuly it will be listed tomorrow... it's Spring break therefore my small child will be at camp for the week. That should give me time to get things done!

A little bird told me..

is the title of this new original mixed medium I finished a few weeks ago and that I have still not found the time to list in my Etsy shop.
i hope to have it listed tonight (if i'm lucky) otherwise tomorrow for sure!

Elf creature...

in progress! Just like everything else in my studio at the moment. I get so inpired to make so many different things that I get side tracked and end up having lots of WIPs.
I bet I am not the only one out there like I right?

Fairy in the Making...

New WIP fairy bust - including the doll/sculpture eyes that I have been working on for futur projects!...
Fairy wings in progress for my next fairy bust that I have started making.
Well... I've been so inspired by all those wonderful clay artists out there that I have finally tried it for myself! This is my fairy bust that I created. I must say that she came out pretty darn well (self-praise doesn't hurt!). I even made the wings myself!!!
I enjoyed working with paper clay so much that I am making more.
Spring has given me wings!! LOL!
I must give thanks to you great sculpting doll artists that I adire so much.