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New WIP...

I am having problems with her hair...

I got bad news last week (my husband got laid off) when I was going to create her hairstyle


now I'm just confused. I don't remember how I wanted to make it...are there any of you talented people out there able to get me out of this rut???(I'm talking about the hair problem...LOL!)

Blackmare the Dragon

I finally fiinished this smaller version of my dragons.

I've named him "Blackmare".

I actually used my handmade eyes on him...I don't actually know if I like those eyes on him or not, but I sure would not poke any part of this 11" dragon.

I'll be posting him in my Etsy Shop ( sometime tomorrow.

The small child had her last day of kindergarten this morning...Yeah!??? summer vacation!... @*7&5#...

Fairy Audrey...

A good friend of mine had this great idea for a Birthday present.

One of her little girl's best friend LOOOOVVEESSSS fairies...(Don't they ALL?)

So she commisioned me to do a painting of this little girl named Audrey with a fairy tale back ground and Fairy wings...

all this from only a simple school picture.

Well...this is what I came up with!

Of course now MY daughter wants one for herself !!

Under the Sea Swap

Christmas in June!!!! How wonderful to recieve a package from the wonderful Hope of "Pixies Ponderings" in the mail today! I knew right away it was the art doll she had made for me from the under the sea doll swap. How very exciting! I had a hard time containing myself and take pictures before ripping open the box. My DH was hovering over my shoulder with anticipation...

and boy were we surprised when we saw all the goodies Hope has included in the package! Beautiful tags, seashells from Scotland, a lovely bottle cap pendant (that I have already hung on a chain around my neck ... and of course the handsome, adorable cute loving " Mer-Cat"!
I now need to find the perfect place on my wall for all my friends and guests to see. What Hope does NOT know is that I am Pisces. She did know that I love cats. we both have 4 cats.

Thanks Zanfor having made the wonderful artist that Hope is my partner in the oh-so-fun swap!!!

As I walked out to my front yard to drive my daughter to school this morning I was stopped by the beauty of a lovely dragonfly hanging to one of my climatis flower. I have seen them fly by, but never just hanging on a petal. Is it a sign of good luck?...bad luck?...I don't know, but i do know that I just had to get a picture of it! Ahhhhh...the wonders of nature!
Yeah!!...He's finally finished!

The "Under the Sea" doll swap (hosted by Zan-from Wild at Heart Art) was a real challenge for me. I must say that I am quite pleased with the final result though!

I do hope that Hope from PixiesPonderings enjoys him. He will be shipped off from the Post Office tomorrow morning and heading to the United Kingdom!

Can't wait to participate in another swap...

The challenge was so worth it and I am very glad to have been a part of it amoung such wonderful and talented artists.

Halloween Mummies...

I started making these mummies two years ago and selling them in my Etsy shop. I have to admit that they are one of my best sellers...well, if you can call selling three per season a best seller! LOL!!!

I think that this year I will try making some fun Primitive Bats to keep my little mummies company...
Stay tuned to see what I come up with!!!