As I walked out to my front yard to drive my daughter to school this morning I was stopped by the beauty of a lovely dragonfly hanging to one of my climatis flower. I have seen them fly by, but never just hanging on a petal. Is it a sign of good luck?...bad luck?...I don't know, but i do know that I just had to get a picture of it! Ahhhhh...the wonders of nature!
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  1. It's a sign that this Dragonfly likes purple :)
    great pic

  2. i have a clematis vine also - same color- and recently photographed one of my dolls in front of it. we've had so much rain here in the northeast this spring, but everything is growing like crazy! it has inspired me to take advantage of the "flora" and do some great photos of my work, which you can see on my blog...


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