Yeah!!...He's finally finished!

The "Under the Sea" doll swap (hosted by Zan-from Wild at Heart Art) was a real challenge for me. I must say that I am quite pleased with the final result though!

I do hope that Hope from PixiesPonderings enjoys him. He will be shipped off from the Post Office tomorrow morning and heading to the United Kingdom!

Can't wait to participate in another swap...

The challenge was so worth it and I am very glad to have been a part of it amoung such wonderful and talented artists.

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  1. Oh my, you outdid yourself! Fantastic!

  2. And Hope is quite beside herself with this guy! He arrived this morning and he has a place of honour on my mantle! Even the DH was would have thought it was Christmas all over! Thanks for your hard work and i hope that you enjoy what I sent you!


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