Nerve rackin'...

Nerve rackin...I'm starting to feel the pressure! While checking out my blog list of great artists one popped out especially...Much ADO about Art Dolls! Yeah...I signed up for the 4 Elements Challenge, which was a great idea at the time without realizing that it was during summer vacation and small child would be at home (though she is in day camp this week) .

We are only 9 days away, my doll is only half finished and with the a/c I've caught my first head cold of the season. Being French my body sometimes has a hard time adjusting to a/c.

Speaking of FRENCH I have decided to host my very first art doll GIVEAWAY on July 14th Bastille day.

**All you need to do is drop me a little comment and your email. My daughter will be pulling from the hat in the afternoon of the 14th of July. I will announce the winner that same evening!**

I will post a picture of the prize on friday!!!!


  1. Stephanie,

    the starfish man needs a friend! Sotty about your cold, i had one of those a few weeks ago and was miserable. Take care of yourself and I hope you get everything done you need to.

    Hope G
    scwk0511 (at) yahoo (dot) com


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