A good friend of mine recommended the other day that I try to create a slightly more sweet, kid friendly kind of character that would keep my artistic style, but be more attractive to a larger market. Of course my first reaction was..." What the heck does she know! I am an artist and will stick to the art I make whether people like it or not!!!". I slept that night with the thought in my mind. I realized that it did not hurt to try adding a new kind of character. So that very next morning I started sketching...and behold I created "Odile". This little girl is very straight minded and a bit bossy. I must say a compilation of my daughter and my friends daughter (both 5 years old!!!).
I am pretty pleased! Please comment...I would appreciate the feedback!
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  1. I love it!
    First time I see her, she is sooo cute ;-)
    Keep them coming

  2. Oui, le visage de ce nouveau caractère est mignon. Cependant, l'artiste ne doit pas oublier sa première création.
    Courage mamour ->:)


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